Prostate Cancer detected with perfect accuracy in first, small sample test.

Prostate becomes the third cancer detected by VOC Health using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in blood samples, along with the detection of COVID-19 from sweat. Although conducted on a small set of just 25 samples, VOC Health’s nano sensor detected the disease with 100% accuracy. The tests, performed at the University of Pennsylvania on stage II and II cancers, give the team full confidence their new device will ultimately provide an early-stage prostate test with sensitivity and specificity in the 90% range.

Previously, VOC Health detected ovarian and pancreatic cancer in blood samples and COVID-19 from sweat with similar, high accuracy rates. 

In parallel to these discoveries, a smaller prototype of the lab bench apparatus used to detect the diseases and virus is currently being built. This device, known internally as the “Cube”, will offer the ability to test for diseases and viruses in a number of sample forms including blood plasma, urine, saliva, sweat and ear wax – all methods VOCs use to exit from the body.

In addition to the previously detected diseases, a software update is all that will be required to enable the Cube to detect additional diseases and viruses as their unique VOC profiles are determined. 

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